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Important Tips to Make your Corporate Blogs Mega Success

The word ‘blog’ is derived from the word “WeBlog.” A Weblog or a Blog is a website that contains a log of specific topics containing relevant and interesting information. The major features of a Blog include blog posts, photo galleries, videos, widgets, etc.

Blogging is a term most of us have heard but what exactly blogging is? Well, Blogging is the process of adding content to the blog and regularly maintaining it. However, maintaining and running a successful blog is trickier than how it looks.Before, going into what can make is a success, first ask yourself what do you want to succeed at?

It is never a good idea to just go ahead and start writing without a concise strategy, topic and tone. Therefore, the first question a blogger should ask himselfis, “Would I love to continue covering the same topic after some 100 blogs or would I get bored?” If latterly qualifies to be the answer, then you must reconsider your topic or your decision to blog in the first place.

Blogging is not only about writing; rather it has many divisions including writing, editing, search engine optimization (SEO), publishing,designing and social media marketing. You can blog about anything that you are passionate about. However, you can decide what type of blogging you want to go for!

The different types of blogs/blogging are:

  • Business/Corporate
  • Review Blog
  • Niche Blog
  • Personal Blog
  • Forum Blog
  • “How-to” or “Do-It-Yourself” Blogs

What is a Business/Corporate Blog?

The type of blog that highlights updates related to the industries, news about the corporate world, expert tips, etc. is called “Corporate blogging.” It is the best way through which businesses can market their services or products through content.

What are the Advantages of having a Corporate Blog

According to the statistics, businesses with a corporate blog generate 55% more traffic as compared to the businesses without a corporate blog. Corporate blogs help businesses enhance their web presence and provide the following advantages:

  • Brand awareness
  • SEO
  • Engagement
  • Lead Generation
  • Thought Leadership
  • Conversions

Tips that can Make Your Corporate Blog a Mega Success:

Corporate blogging plays an important role in themarketing of a business and its products. In the world of technology,vocal marketing is not enough. You can gather a lot of audience through the vast source of internet, and Corporate Blog helps you with that.

Businesses which do not have a corporate blog must start planning about having one while the businesses that already have their own corporate blogs must note down stuff that can be done to enhance their blogs and attract a large audience.

Here are some tips that can help you create a corporate blog which will attract a huge amount of readers:

1.   Blogging Team:

If you already own a corporate blog, but it fails to generate traffic, it’s time that you review your blogging team and its work. Make sure that the team of bloggers consists of professional writers who take expert advice from business executives. You may even hire freelance writers in your team to come up with unique and engaging content for the blog. In all, you must develop a team with people who excel at writing, editing and publishing so that the minute glitches can be prevented. Another aspect that you need to address is the marketing techniques used by your blogging team. For this, you mightconsider recruiting freelance writers who write SEO specialized content and are good at digital marketing as well.

2.   Make it a Platform for Conversation:

The success of a brand or a product is when it fulfills all the requirements of the customers. If you have a corporate blog for your business, try to make it more of a platform for conversation, where people can communicate and express what they wish to have in your product. Give your bloggers some relaxation and space to put forward their own views so that the people visiting your blog find it easier to communicate. A unique writing style is way better than a monotonous tone that is used by almost all the mainstream corporate blogs.

3.   Do Not Sell Your Readers:

When a website houses advertisements of other brands or products, it is in a way selling its readers. One important thing that must be avoided is PR and marketing of other brands. Do not make your blog a platform for other brands to carry out their marketing because your blog is your platform of marketing your own business. Rather than these advertisements, you can include short opinions from the business executives of your own corporation.

4.   An Open Forum:

Do not shut down your readers by taking their right of speaking up. Open your blogs for comments by the readers. You must be well-prepared for criticism,but this criticism is what will help you improve your corporate blog, product, and your business. Do not close the door on customer feedback and be open to criticism. Make sure you go through as many comments as you can because you never know which suggestion or criticism might highlight the area of improvement and can bring your business/product to the top of the list.

5.   Extend to All Other Social Media Platforms:

Make sure that you have sharing options open for your readers. What the people read on your blogs must be shareable to major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The readers will share what they like and this, ina way, will lead to the promotion of your brand. You must understand that promotion of your blog is important if you wish to publicize your business to awider audience and for this, your blog must contain backlinks (both inbound and outbound), widgets, and buttons for sharing the content of the blog.

If you really wish to make your Corporate Blog a Mega success, you should immediately adopt these five tips. The priority of a corporate blog, or for that matter any blog, is its content. Make sure that your content is unique and engaging in a way that it highlights you among other businesses using corporate blogging. The blogger must understand the target audience and write in a tone that is understandable by them.

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