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How to choose a perfect content writer for your business

Words are powerful, they have the capability of making someone develop love or hatred for a specific thing. Right words can depict the right purpose of your business in front your audience. With the right content, you can make a difference and stand out among your competitors. Words have the power of changing opinions. Many businesses hire content writers to design the content of their websites, the scripts for the ad campaigns who are experts in their domain.

As a business owner, a person has numerous responsibilities and numerous tasks to take care of. One of the major responsibilities is creating brand and marketing strategies for the business. A professional and skilled content writer is a need for every business. There exists no marketing strategy that does not include solid content strategy.

Choosing the Perfect Content Writer:

So, how do you choose a content writer that fulfills all the basic requirements?Here are some tricks that might help you set a criterion for a content writer:

1.   A Person Who Understands:

The first thing you need to consider while selecting the content writer for your business is his/her understanding of your business. A person who does not understand your business might never be able to actually convince people to consider your brand or services. Thus, before hiring the content writer, make sure he/she knows what you intend to provide to your consumers.

2.   Serious About Deadlines:

A person who understands the importance of time and deadlines is your person. No matter how good the content is, if not delivered in time, might lose its relevance and effectiveness. Hence, in such cases if the deadline is missed there is no point of having the content at all. For example, if you run a publishing site that covers happenings from the entertainment industry, any news posted late can mean nothing since they go viral in seconds. Therefore, the second most important thing you must look in for a content writer is the importance of time and his/her ability to manage time.

3.   Grammar:

Selecting a content writer on the basis of their accent? Well, to be frank, this is no criterion at all. A person who speaks fluent English may not necessarily be a good writer. To be a good writer, a person has to be excellent at grammar. Imagine a brand or a business making grammar mistakes in their content, Sounds horrible right? Grammar matters greatly in writing and is not something to compromise with. Make sure you see a writing sample of the person you are considering for the post of content writer for your business. For this purpose, hiring a content writer or a content writing service that has a strong portfolio of working with corporate clients is the safest choice.

4.   Plagiarism-free original content:

A very common issue with content writers is plagiarism which is a sure shot turn off for a major fraction of the audience. Copied words will never bring you the attention and you will go unnoticed by the audience. Make sure that your content writer has an original writing style and does not have a habit of copying the content from other web pages just to impress the audience because that does not work.Not only in front of the audience but also in the eyes of Google! Yes, Google penalizes any site that has more than 3% of plagiarized content. And we are pretty sure no business would ever want that!

5.   Writing Style:

Writing style matters a lot. More than even what you know. A person who writes straightforward with just facts and figures is not that effective. A writer who can write engaging content that keeps the audience involved has the most influence on the audience. Not only the writing style, a writer must also know the appropriate usage of words. All this have the power to build up a great audience or drop the number drastically. So, choose content writers with an audience-friendly writing style.

6.   Versatile Writer:

Another very important quality that must be considered while selecting the perfect content writer is versatility. A perfect content writer is someone who can write on literally everything. A writer, who can string up words in a cool and chirpy way as well as serious notes, if required, is one you should look for. Versatility is very important and must be considered while selecting a content writer for your business. From technical writing to academic writing, to website content to blogs, a good writer must be capable of catering them all.

7.   SEO based writing:

SEO based writing might not be a must in all circumstances but is definitely a cherry on the top. If a writer is proficient in writing content that can help bring you up in Google’s index, get him/her on board right away. There are many other parameters that Google looks for in content while indexing and if your writer is familiar with all these, feel lucky!

These are the major tips you need to know in order to develop a criterion for selection of a content writer for your business. If you have a business and are looking for a perfect content writer, then you must consider the SEO content writing services by ECWG. We have a bunch of content writers who are experts in this field and know how to develop content that is according to the SEO.

Expert Content Writers Group is the freelance content writer Delhi hub which will not disappoint you with their amazing content writing skills. Here you will find the best freelance content writers of India. You should go for a content writer who fulfills all the above-mentioned qualities. We hope you find the perfect content writer for your business, Good luck!

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