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Google Panda Update- An Analytical Research

‘Google Panda Update’ was initially introduced by Google in the year 2011 and was named after the Google engineer, Navneet Panda. The program works based on choices of users and surveys. The ultimate aim of the update was to stop sites with poor quality content pop up in the top search result of the Google Search.

Google Panda basically consist of a MLA (Machine Language Algorithm) update which is based on artificial intelligence in a more scalable and complicated way than it was ever before. The program measures the quality of the content used and checks the content for its originality, relevance and uniqueness. It also examines the designs, graphics, quality links and paraphernalia.

The program scrutinizes the words carefully that exists on WebPages, checks how the users link to the pages and inspects a lot of other things to analyse the reputation of the websites. When it comes to the ranking of the websites on Google Search Engine, the Google Panda update plays a significant role to determine the position of the website and thus, many SEO experts prefer Google Panda over algorithm update. Another important feature of Panda Update is that if any site has previously been hit but has made the correct changes to itself, it may escape. Panda may also catch sites that escaped earlier.

How Google Panda Update Works?

Gary Illyes of Google mentioned Google Panda update as an adjustment saying, “Google Panda demotes or adjusts your rankings down — it does not devalue.”

It basically acts as a filter on various search results while using the data extracted from the survey to identify the relevant and irrelevant characteristics of the website. The update promotes better ranking in Google based on organic traffic and better search results. Panda is not a penalty.

Good content gets online recognition and huge incentive on the search engine. It guarantees high-quality content which is equally pleasing, enjoyable, interesting, packed with sufficient data and enriched with relevant statistics. The program is updated and refined on a monthly basis and is installed globally in English language. In case where certain deep URLs have low scores, it can directly influence the entire domain.

Criterion on which Panda basically works:

  1. CTR (Click Through Rates)
  2. Search Impressions
  3. Browse rate that depends on the actions that happen on your website, including the Bounce Rate.
  4. Time the visitor spends on the website
  5. Repeat Visit and Search
  6. Navigation Paths
  7. Search Queries Onsite

Google Panda and Website Content

  1. The keyword density of top 3 results should not exceed 0.5% and the content volume of the top 3 search results should not exceed 2400 words.
  2. It is recommended that you insert the keyword in the title rather than using it in the URL. Usage of keywords is important aspect than using EMD (exact match domain) or using exact keyword in Meta description.
  3. The website pages should contain well-written content no matter what the length of the pages you consider.
  4. It is always better to use catchy images and position them properly to attract visitors, get more traffic and help visitors stay on the webpage for a longer time. You can also include videos to let visitors stay on your website as videos speak a lot.
  5. Use pleasing, interesting, enjoying, engaging and informative content. Content is very important and using relevant, unique and fresh content can help you get incentives on Google easily. This will help your website earn links automatically.

Important Tips for Good Content to Keep Up With Panda Updates

  1. It is recommended that you do a thorough research on keywords and identify relevant keywords that people often use to search the content.
  2. Make sure you use the keyword in the title of the content.
  3. The links you use should come from reputed, trusted and quality websites.
  4. When creating the links it is always better to use the words that exists on your WebPages that you feel people will search for.
  5. All the pages should contain fresh content and interesting topics. You can also share the content on many other popular social networking sites and can add history.
  6. Well, the major problem that often lets the visitor exit the page within seconds is its loading time. The loading speed should be higher to avoid bounce rate.
  7. Make sure you take care of all the factors that help the search engine “crawl” through the pages of your website easily.
  8. With the introduction of Google Panda update, it has become easy to identify scraper sites and exclude them from SERPs. The update has resulted in changes up to 12% in search results. With the help of panda update, there has been a significant rise in the rankings of news sites and various social networking sites.

So, now when you know all about the latest Google Panda Update, just leave your old SEO methods and accept the new Google Panda updates to improve your website ranking on Google.

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